Al Jazeera
March 2016

The Plight of rejected Afghan asylum seekers

KABUL,  AFGHANISTAN — Sitting in an underground coffee shop in the heart of Kabul, Akhtar tried to describe the dreams and hopes he had held for the future, but was overcome with tears.

"My parents had sent me here to get an education with a hundred hopes …" he said as he buried his head in his hands, weeping.

He had big plans - with a visa in hand, he was about to take off for Iran the following week. Akhtar is educated, with a degree in economics and a job, but he said he had no choice but to leave everything behind.

He had travelled here from Ghazni Province, roughly 120km southwest of Kabul - a hub of Taliban activity. Back home, the Taliban had been hounding him for a while, Akhtar told. They gave him two options: work for them or get a job - not one involving the media or foreigners - and hand over his earnings. read more →